Creative Opportunities with the Smartphone

On March 11th we were visited via Zoom by Jeanette Lendon who explored the potential and use of the mobile phone for taking pictures. Her presentation was delivered in a relaxed entertaining and informative style which was both interesting and varied. 

No more will we dismiss the camera on the phone as a gimmick for just taking the odd family snap or selfy – Jeanette’s talk opened our eyes to new possibilities and techniques which will enthuse us to explore new creative avenues. Who’d have thought turning a phone upside down and taking pictures from a puddle of water would have produced such strong images.

The presentation included a wide range of inspirational images to demonstrate various options and settings and also identified some operational differences and benefits when compared with a DSLR. Some emphasis was placed on ‘under exposure’ to preserve colours, moving the camera for close focus and tilting to achieve different results from the same subject – must try techniques.

The presentation on Zoom gave Jeanette the opportunity to screenshare a live editing session using some free software (Snapseed) to show the ease with which phone photos could be edited and members were able to join in with this to see first hand how captured images could be enhanced with a surprising level of detail.

A great presentation which could not fail to inspire. Thank you Jeanette.

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