Sixth Competition Evening 2020-21

Our Sixth and Final Internal competition took place on the night of April 29th. This was a dpi round that had three sections, Colour, Monochrome and the theme of Altered Reality. Our guest judge for the evening was Steve Roper who agreed to assess our images. These were sent to him in advance so he could view them without any quality loss that can be caused by viewing just via Zoom.

There was a total of 54 images spread over the three categories and one of the first comments Steve made was how impressed he was with the standard of images and it was clear that he found it quite difficult to decide having held back 12 of the 20 in the first section of colour. In the end he admitted that any number could have been placed and it came down to personal preference. It wasn’t just the Colour section that provided Steve with a challenge and he was also full of praise for images in the Altered Reality and Monochrome sections.

As the evening progressed it was clear that Steve had taken time to look at the images prior to the evening and he provided a lot of positive feedback that was helpful not only for the authors but all those keen to improve their photography.

Some of the areas suggested for improvement in the future included looking at your images to ensure there are no distractions that would take your eye away from the main subject, things like the odd post, white line or bright light. He was keen to point out we should check that our whites aren’t burnt out. Composition was a major talking point, and whilst he loved a lot of images for just that, he also described how we could crop a little to remove empty spaces that didn’t add to certain images. A final thought for us was for those doing composite images be aware of how we blend the layers so that the background doesn’t leak over the main subject.

Many congratulations to all that entered and well done to those that were placed and commended. The three images accompanying this report are the section winners. If you’d like to view all the placed photographs, please follow the link

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Steve for his feedback and for helping make it a very enjoyable evening. This is not the first time Steve has visited the club in his 35 years of being a Judge, however we were to discover that it would be his last as he has made the decision to retire from the role at the end of this season. Having witnessed a great evening with Steve we can say that he will be sadly missed in that role and we wish him well for the future.

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