British Wildlife

Tesni Ward, a professional wildlife and nature photographer visited KCC this evening and gave her presentation “British Wildlife”. 

Tesni began with a brief history that explained her introduction into photography and showed some of her early photographs, all this supported by some very humorous comments about understanding all those dials, buttons and letters to be found on cameras. In fact, the whole show was laced with funny observations that often had the everyone laughing out loud. Tesni also had great ability in getting the audience actively involved rather than just sitting there watching and listening. 

Tesni went on to show a wide variety of British wildlife, explaining the how and why, location challenges and the amount of patience required to photograph these creatures. We also discovered that Tesni’s favourite animal is the badger and her love for them really shone through when she showed the sequence of images featuring them. 

Towards the end of the evening Tesni showed a small selection of images that highlighted some of the mistakes and results of when a shoot doesn’t work out as planned. To close the evening Tesni treated us to a short video featuring many of the animals we’d seen stills of during the presentation, which finished this excellent night off in grand style.

Thank-you Tesni for giving us a superbly entertaining, inspiring and informative evening, that will surely see some of our members heading out to capture their own images of British Wildlife.

You can find out more about Tesni here

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