Fourth Competition Night 2021-22

Rough Beauty

The fourth round of our internal competitions had three categories, Open Colour, Open Mono and Nature. Each section drew in a healthy number of entries which gave the judge, George Reilly, a total of 88 images to assess.

George gave considered comments and explained his thoughts clearly. He said the nature section contained some of the best nature images he’d seen during his four years of judging. To whittle down the images in all sections, George said he’d have to really nit-pick as the majority of the photographs were hard to fault.

One thing Geroge championed, was the use of the depth-of-field preview button to ensure focus was in the right place and enough of the subject was sharp.

Thank-you Geroge, for giving us some of your time to review our images and award those that fit your preferences best.

The three images accompanying this post are those that came first in each section. Click this link to see all the placed photographs.

Eyes Front You ‘Orrible Lot!

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