October 2023 Review

October began with an extremely well attended practical evening on the 5th. The session was an introduction to portrait lighting using basic equipment similar to what could be found in any home. Two acquaintances of one of our members had agreed to model for us and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all during which many photographs were taken. Due to the success of this night we hope to run more practical nights very soon.

October 12th was the first heat of our internal competition and many of our members submitted work to be appraised by our guest judge, Phil Howcroft. This was a pdi round, and it was so popular that we had to reduce the number of images shown to give Phil a fighting chance to comment on them all during the time available. There were three sections, Colour, Monochrome, and Nature. The photographs supporting this post are the three section winners and by following the link below you can discover who took top honours. The monochrome winner was taken during last weeks practical evening. You can view all the placed images by following this link: https://keyworthcameraclub.org.uk/round-one-2023-24

Our first guest speaker of the season visited us on October 19th. Chris Platkiw gave us a fascinating and inspirational presentation about Astro photography. He centred his talk on images that we could all take with basic equipment and his stunning pictures gave us all hope of achieving something similar with a little preplanning and the will power to stay up most of the night. We already know that a few of our members are keen to try out some of Chris’ techniques and look forward to seeing their results soon.

October 26th saw a number of our members venture out onto the streets of Keyworth to have a go at night photography. An idea sheet was handed out to give our hardy photographers pointers of what to look for and how best to go about photographing the listed subjects. This proved to be another very enjoyable practical evening that saw everyone working in pairs with more experienced members teamed up with those new to this kind of photography. Unsurprisingly, the evening ended with liquid refreshment in a local pub.

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