Winter Treasure Hunt

On Thursday 14th January, we held our Winter Treasure Hunt evening. During December, club members had been taking images to fill the 10 categories. Given the changing restrictions, all of the images could be taken indoors or out. The categories were 10am, Candlelight, Food and/or Drink, ICM, Music, Red, Reflections, Shadows, Water and Weather.

The first half of the evening was very interactive with members using NEMPF style voting (using Zoom polling) to score each image between 2-5. As well as looking at technical points, members were encouraged to think about the images that they enjoyed and that made them smile and vote accordingly. Everyone was unmuted for the whole evening so we had a laugh and joke.

The second half was an opportunity for the two highest scoring images of each category to be discussed by the photographer and David who had very kindly offered to provide critique. David opened up by saying how impressed he was with such ‘fantastic imagination’ around the thematic images and he talked a lot about how important the initial impact is. Other members contributed with what they liked and how they might have edited the images slightly differently.

It was an evening of such varied images which included tea and biscuits on beautiful China crockery, candlelight in a misty, smoky setting, port and cheese, an ICM image of Christmas tree lights, long exposure on a metronome, red lipstick and nail polish, swan reflection, vocalists’ shadow, an out of focus water droplet and a lone tree in the snow.

Thanks to everyone involved, it was a fantastic evening with members being keen to have a repeat later in the Season.

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