Inside My Head

On Thursday October 21st, Keyworth Camera Club was visited via Zoom by Janet Haines ARPS FIPF EFIAP GPSA DPAGB. Janet gave us a presentation called Inside My Head. Her visions being translated into photographic art that made her thoughts visual in beautiful fantasy imagery that were a joy to see.

Janet began by showing her ARPS panel, which consisted of three rows of five images, each row exploring different aspects of her dreams; ethereal, surreal and nightmare. These stunning pictures setting the tone for the night perfectly.

Janet revealed how she made her backgrounds, talked about her Photoshop techniques, and described how she lights her models in the studio. She also explained how important it is to consider the layout of panels so each individual image balances with the others.

You’ll notice that Janet has an impressive line of letters after her name and she said she liked the challenge of going for these awards as they had really helped her raise the standard of her work. She added that testing yourself by exploring aspects of photography that are outside your comfort zone will help you improve. Janet also believes you should be true to yourself and don’t do what is expected.

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Janet for this fascinating look at her striking portfolio that will certainly have our members thinking about different ways to present their work.

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