Summer Outings Review

On Thursday 22 October, we held our Summer Review Evening.  Since July, we have enjoyed socially distanced Club Outings to the Jubilee Campus, Wysall Village and Bradgate Park.  

Steve was the first presenter and his image, the Aspire Building at Nottingham University, was outstanding.  As well as the stags, he had a vibrant image of bright yellow fungi captured at Bradgate Park.

Pete was next and shared images of Wysall Church, a scroll and gravity defying gravestones. Pete also shared a fabulous mono conversion of a bench, a colour pop rose and a speedy cyclist in front of the Weslyan Chapel.  Pete is a new member to our Club and appreciated feedback.

Paul’s advice was ‘always be looking – up to the sky, sideways and watch where you’re walking.’  Paul has been to Trent Lock, Attenborough Nature Reserve and the Jubilee Campus and we enjoyed his canal scenes, a juvenile starling, Canada Geese, nature close ups and fantastic images of the Jubilee Campus buildings.

After a short break, Malcolm had some incredible landscape images taken on the Bluestone Heath Road (which incidentally has its own website) in the Lincolnshire Wolds.  He also shared images of Bradgate Park deer and said how much they had enjoyed the Outing there.  

Ron was next and had wonderful images from Bradgate Park which included Old John, the grain and texture of trees, deer and the crumbling remains of Bradgate House.  We enjoyed pictures of the trams at Wilford and the gorgeous Autumnal colours of the Cliff Gardens in Radcliffe.

Our Chairman, Rob, rounded off the Evening replicating, with his own artistic flair, some of the images taken by Simon Roberts in ‘We English.’  These were taken at Saunton Sands in Devon and included beach scenes and kite surfing.  Rob shared fabulous mono conversions taken in Wilford and some of his professional work this Summer which included hockey, rugby and a socially distanced wedding. 

Rob’s advice was ‘take different images, move left, move right, adjust the height’ and his other advice was ‘cream before jam.’

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