Lincoln Battle 2022

Our annual battle against Lincoln Camera Club was held via Zoom on April 7th. This competition saw 30 images entered by both clubs, no-more than four per photographer. Our judge, Vin Scothern DPAGB EFIAP BPE5* PPSA, was asked to score each of the 60 photographs out of 20 and he was asked to choose his top image too.

Vin congratulated each club on submitting strong sets of images, which meant he was going to have to nit-pick to separate them. This was reflected in his scores as all the photographs were marked 15 upwards. Vin held back 15 pictures for his highest scores of which 14 came from one club which made it easy to work out which club would be victorious. Final scores were Keyworth CC 533 and Lincoln CC 489. Vin’s favourite image being Steps, taken by Gavin Brand of Keyworth Camera Club.

We must thank Vin for taking the time to give considered, and mainly complimentary comments on all 60 images and pass on our commiserations to Lincoln CC and we look forward to competing against you next year.

In addition to Vin’s favourite, two other images, Roesel’s Bush Cricket Nymph and Nottingham Lace Market both scored maximum 20 marks. The other images in the gallery below all scored 19 marks. Click on each image to see the title and author.

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